What is Mad Tea Lab?

Mad Tea Lab:

  • Is an “Interactive Programmingenvironment
  • Is nice for prototyping dsp and synthesis algorithms
  • Is just a single html file (with javascript), if you want to expand it, just save it locally.
  • Has examples, which might be more fun than reading here.
  • Gives you fast access to javascript, html, math and graphics
  • Is pretty old by now (began in 2004), and the code is terrible.
  • Was created using a highly underrated development methodology called “scope creeping
  • Involves heavy use of innerHTML and eval()
  • Is a web application that runs locally on your machine
  • Can convert your lab session to an URL that you can bookmark or send
  • Can reverse its flow to be used as a interactive solver
  • Can do gamma corrected anti-aliasing
  • Can also do interactive base conversion!
  • Can Serve as recreational fun. For nerds.
  • Has intentionally undocumented features
  • Might have unintentionally undocumented features

Now, browse the examples, or check out the articles here to the right!

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